Kanye's cyberteeth are "fixed and permanent"

UPDATE: Kanye's spokesperson writes that they are indeed "fixed prosthodontics, fixed and permanent."

Noted antisemite Kanye West designed himself a set of $850k dentures.

People initially seemed to believe the dentures were permanent. Contrary to rumors, West did not remove his teeth to have the weird-looking titanium Bat-a-rang installed in his mouth; instead, they are temporarily affixed. When garish metal blocks are no longer the In Thing, West can remove the grill and display it in his personal museum!

Many on social media assumed that Ye had his teeth removed to install the new dentistry. According to a source, that's not quite what happened. Ye had a procedure done called fixed prosthodontics where the grills, which were designed by Ye alongside his doctor and made of titanium, palladium, platinum, and other precious metals, are fixed to his teeth. Dentist Thomas Connelly, who worked with Ye on the procedure, also confirmed to Complex that the artist's teeth are all still there, if you were wondering. "He did not have his teeth removed," Connelly, who has worked with other celebrities in the past, said. "He still has a full dentition. Healthy and happy."

How much would something like that cost you ask? Reportedly $850,000.

Speculation of Ye removing his teeth kicked into gear on Wednesday when the artist and designer took to his Instagram Stories to drop off a picture of himself smiling with his new titanium piece, which also came with fangs. In his second post, the rapper shared a screenshot of a Google search for the Bond villain.