Boeing 747 cargo jet catches fire as it flies over Miami — "Oh my God!" says stunned witness (video)

A cargo jet flying from Miami to Puerto Rico caught fire while it was still above Miami, prompting a stunned witness on the ground to shout, "Oh my God, it's on fire. Oh my God!" (See video below, posted by Only in Dade).

"Mayday, mayday…We have an engine fire… Request access back to the airport. No, we'll go ahead and land. We have five souls onboard," says audio from the plane, obtained by NBC Miami.

A preliminary report by the FAA says the plane experienced "engine failure" and that a "post flight inspection revealed a softball-size hole above #2 engine."

Fortunately, the Boeing 747 Atlas Air flight, with five people on board, safely returned to Miami International Airport.

Earlier in the month, a Japan Airlines passenger plane caught fire at Haneda Airport in Tokyo after it collided with an earthquake rescue plane. While all 379 passengers on the JA flight survived, five out of six people on the rescue plane died.