Michigan Republican wants voting to be in English only

Tackling the importing issues Michiganders care most about, Republican congressional primary candidate Anthony Hudson has gone full racist.

Michigan's Anthony Hudson doesn't care about the Voting Rights Act — if you can't speak English, he doesn't want you to vote. Heck, even if you speak English just fine and might like a ballot in a preferred language — NOPE. Everything about this guy screams perfect fit for the Republican caucus, but he makes me sick to my stomach.

Anthony Hudson, who's running a toss-up race for an open U.S. House seat, posted a video online expressing his opposition to translating voter ballots into other languages, a service that's enshrined in the 1965 Voting Rights Act, reported Heartland Signal.

"You see, this is America, and we speak English," Hudson says in the video. "If you're not a citizen, you don't vote, and if you are an American citizen, you need to be able to speak English to be able to vote.

"We're not going to waste taxpayer dollars on translations of our ballots. You need to learn how to speak in our language if you're going to be a citizen of this country."

Amendments to the landmark voting rights law require jurisdictions with a high number of voters who speak little English to provide voting materials in other languages, and California, Florida and other states have strengthened similar laws on their books.

"What's happening has got to stop," Hudson says in the video. "I mean, when is it going to get too far or so far that you guys will finally wake up and understand this is bulls–t. We can't keep allowing this to happen. Well, I'm going to tell you it's right now."