Arizona javelinas have moved on from your precious golf worms, and are now after your Girl Scout cookies!

Beware! The javelinas are back, and they've moved on from your precious golf worms, and are now devouring your Girl Scout cookies.

Arizona resident Laura Catherine, who lives in north Scottsdale, recently shared video of a squadron (yes, that's what a group of these adorable creatures are called) of javelinas chowing down on some Girl Scout cookies that a neighbor had left on her porch. AZ Family provides more information:  

Catherine said she woke up to her dogs barking at 1 a.m., and it was an unexpected sight to see! The family of javelinas had torn open a box of Samoas and were munching on the cookies. The treats and cardboard were scattered in front of her front door. Unfortunately, there probably weren't any leftovers for Catherine's family. 

I think Rae Hodge of Salon still said it best: "Slay on, queens. Slay on."