Chicago's newest obsession: the Rat Hole

There's a lot Chicago's known for. Jazz, deep dish pizza, Barack Obama. But that list has expanded in recent days. Meet the Rat Hole, a rat-shaped indentation in the cement of West Roscoe Street in northern Chicago. Although it's existed for quite some time, it's only recently that its bizarre appearance has gone viral as a local curiosity, with Chicagoans even going so far as to make pilgrimages and leave "offerings" consisting of food, money and estrogen pills.

It's even been promoted by Illinois state representatives as an attraction.

Just as with every meteoric rise to power, however, there's always someone looking to shut it down. An anonymous saboteur attempted to fill in the iconic Rat Hole just yesterday, presumably to dissuade gawkers. As ever, though, the indefatigable spirit of Chicago shone through, and an equally anonymous hero showed up to dig it right back out in the cold.

At least for now, it seems the Rat Hole's protectors outnumber its detractors. It seems well on its way to becoming yet another Chicago institution- so stop by if you're in the area!