Cosmic Country is "inclusive, trippy country music" that you'll love

I absolutely love this cover of "Drivin' on 9," a song I first heard from the Breeders but was actually written by alt-folk band Ed's Redeeming Qualities. The Breeders' version has always been one of my favorite songs, and I find this version by Case Oats, aka Casey Gomez Walker, to be just as spectacular. 

This is just one of many terrific songs I discovered recently in the "Cosmic Country" universe—including Kara Jackson's "Ode to Billie Joe" (by Bobbie Gentry), Andrew Sa's "Wicked Game" (by Chris Isaak), Pixel Grip's "Don't Bring Me Down" (by Electric Light Orchestra), Chris Coleson's "Wayward Wind" (by Patsy Cline), and many more.

Cosmic Country, which The Chicago Reader calls "inclusive, trippy country music" is the brainchild of Sully Davis and Dorian Gehring. Davis describes the live showcase:

Howdy! This cult-hit is an homage to country variety shows like Grand Ole Opry with an extraterrestrial-psychedelic twist. A diverse group of guest vocalists, who you may not otherwise find singing country classics, sing some covers with the band. Some of the best names in Chicago alt-comedy and other variety acts are showcased, as well as a headliner who does a set of their original cosmic country. This show is co-produced with Dorian Gehring.

In addition to the live shows, Cosmic Country also created "Planetary Access TV". Local Universe described the web series, which debuted during the first part of the pandemic but is not currently active:

From the creators of the cult-hit live show Cosmic Country Showcase, and brought to life by award-winning filmmaker Glamhag, comes a new web series set in a fantastical spaceship stranded in downtown Chicago. The show may be country-themed, but you'll find bands from across many genres and places. If Pee Wee Herman was obsessed with Hee Haw and hosted Stairway to Stardom, you might have an idea of where this show is, except this show happens to be brilliantly shot by director of photography Kevin Veselka with assistance from Eon Mora and written by AJ Maroquin and Jerwin Gabriel. 

The Cosmic Country Showcase celebrated its fifth anniversary in October 2023 with a show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, which the Chicago Reader described as a show full of  "country soul," that was also "part outlandish comedy, part drag show, and all razzle-dazzle."

Cosmic Country will return to the stage at Sleeping Village in Chicago on Friday January 26, 2024–If you're in Chicago, you should check it out!

To see more terrific Cosmic Country, check out their YouTube.