This Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Ports is a great way to wake up every morning

TL;DR: Need a new way to rise and shine? This fancy Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Ports can help with that. It's here on sale for $21.99 (Reg. $32).

Look, we get loving the classics. Truly, we are also a sucker for old timey junk, but unless you sleep in a nightgown/little night cap combo number (you know the one), a conventional alarm clock is probably too niche. You can have both creature comfort of an actual alarm clock while springing into 2024 at the same time, we promise. 

If you've gotten used to relying on a clock instead of your phone to help you open those peepers every morning, we are highly suggesting this Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Ports for some good old rooster clucks. It's here on sale for $21.99 (Reg. $32).

There's a triple purpose for this clock if you can believe it. Beyond just the seconds, minutes, and hours in both 12 and 24 hour modes, the clock instantly turns into an early morning mirror when you either turn it off or unplug it. This is a great way to ensure those last-minute looks are for your eyes only and not everyone on the street staring at the little bogger hanging from your nose.

If you need double alarm action, the dual USB ports hold space for a good amount of your electronics, because it's better to set two alarms than none (we think).

For the wake ups when you're not ready to face the day just yet, the super big snooze button allows you to get an additional 5-60 minutes of shut eye (but if your boss calls, can't be our fault).

Get this Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Ports, which includes a USB charging cable and the manual, for $21.99 (Reg. $32).

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