An ergonomic 'shoe' for Apple's painful Magic Mouse

Apple's Magic Mouse offers handsome design and ugly ergonomics: like many other people, I can't use one for more than a few minutes before pain sets in. As the multitouch surface is the best in town, though, compromises are at hand. Now, though, an aftermarket of inexpensive "shoes" such as the Tatofy Grip offer to fix its key flaw. Wes Davis checked one out—there are a number of identical-seeming models on Amazon with the usual gibberish brand names—and he liked it.

The housing's grip isn't perfect. Wireless charging can be iffy sometimes, and the magnet is very weak, so it'll slip right off of a MagSafe stand. And where the bottom part of it meets the top, there's a giant seam that loves to collect crud.

But those complaints are so minor. In fact, I've found myself using my Magic Mouse at least as often as my Logitech MX Master 3 over the last month. And plunking it onto a nearby MagSafe puck when I'm done with it is a much nicer experience than digging out a Lightning cable every time it dies. But boy is it silly that it's come to this.

I love that vastly improves the Magic Mouse 's ergonomics at the cost of making it look cheap. Like a fable or parable, the Tao of Taobao.

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