Buffalo Bills tailgate party gets a bit too lit when one fan catches fire (video)

A Buffalo Bills tailgate party went up in flames yesterday when one jubilant fan flipped another onto a fold-up table — which happened to be on fire. Naturally, the gentleman landed onto the flames and caught fire himself. Or at least his pants did. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

But rather than be cause for alarm, the flaming fan was merely a source of entertainment for most of the inebriated party-goers, who simply laughed and cheered loudly at the spectacle. Meanwhile, the star of the show jumped up from the burning, now broken table and began to frantically swipe at the flames that danced on his rear.

Fortunately, he was cognizant enough to finally realize he was surrounded by snow, whereupon he stopped, dropped, and did half a roll, with a couple of buddies helping him out. Although the video was cut off, it looked like he would make a full recovery, at least in time for the next tailgate.

Via Mediaite