Keep that tush toasty while you watch the big game thanks to this heated stadium seat!

TL:DR; Before you head to the big game, do your bottom a favor with this extra-wide heated reclining stadium seat, complete with armrests and handy side pockets, now just $99.99 through 1/28!

Just because you have fun things to do outside, like tailgate before a big game or sit around a campfire with the family, doesn't mean the weather will stop weathering. Instead, you've got to endure the cold and find ways to stay warm. But there's only so much a scarf and beanie can do. So what about the rest of your body? 

A warm seat can do wonders in chilly temperatures, and this reclining stadium seat does just that. Equipped with a built-in heating system, this portable seat offers all the toasty vibes you crave when you're trying to keep warm outside, in addition to padded back support and armrests to keep you fatigue-free. The seat also boasts an impressive six reclining positions to ensure your utmost comfort as you lounge.

Currently discounted to just $99, this portable stadium seat is super lightweight, allowing you to easily tote it around anywhere, from outdoor sporting events and concerts to backyard birthday bashes. It's even made of waterproof material for those wetter days. The seat also includes handy side pockets, perfect for storing all the essentials you like to keep at arm's reach, including a detachable pocket for snacks and drinks, a cellphone slot, and a back compartment for larger items.

From its muscle-relaxing heating power to its supportive build, you'll likely have a hard time ever getting out of this stadium chair, even in not-so-ideal weather. In fact, thanks to its impressive multi-level heating stystem, the chair can also be used to alleviate sore muscles and encourage better blood circulation. And its wide seat can comfortably accommodate folks of all different shapes and sizes.

Stay toasty as you watch the big game this winter thanks to this heated reclining stadium seat, only $99.99 for a limited time!

Get your hands on the extra wide heated reclining stadium seat with armrests and side pockets for the discounted price of just $99.99 through 1/28! 

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