Massive rogue wave crashes through restaurant doors in Marshall Islands (video)

The U.S. Army reported that "a series of weather-driven waves resulted in significant ocean water inundation of the island of Roi-Namur," in the Marshall Islands of Oceania.

"Significant ocean water inundation" is a obtuse military-speak for a massively destructive rogue wave. It's like calling the collapse of the World Trade Center an "unplanned rapid disassembly of urban infrastructure."

To get a feel for just how powerful these waves were, watch this video below.

From USA Today:

Aerial photos show massive damage to Roi-Namur's infrastructure with multiple areas on the island still under water. Many of the quarters were damaged by the flooding of the waves, while the dining facility, Outrigger Bar and Grill, the chapel, and the Tradewinds Theater received moderate or extensive damage, with the automotive complex remaining under water.

By the way, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation frowns on the term "rogue waves" and will give you a schoolmarmish lecture if you use it.