Comedian behind Planet of the Bass targets emo pop-rock

Remember Planet of the Bass, the viral song that parodied the excesses of 90s Eurodance while also managing to be a banger in its own right? Comedian Kyle Gordon, who wrote and starred in that video as the eccentric DJ Crazy Times, has used Planet of the Bass as a jumping-off point to lampoon several more niche musical genres from overtly misogynistic bossa nova to all-American, pseudo-feminist country music.

Now, however, Gordon has come after My Chemical Romance and their brand of angsty emo rock with My Life (Is the Worst Life Ever), an anthem my twelve-year-old self would have loved. Break out the eyeliner!

If nothing else, Gordon's range has to be applauded. All the hallmarks are there, from the school setting to the fisheye lens to the stilted, overly nasal delivery. Supposedly, he's releasing an album this year, fully cementing his status as the musical parody guy. Everyone needs a niche.