Relive 1990s Eurodance with this spot-on parody video

If you're not a zoomer like me, you could be forgiven for not noticing the rise of DJ Crazy Times. A creation of New York-based comedian Kyle Gordon, DJ Crazy Times started as a TikTok-based lampoon of a very specific kind of 90s: every European DJ in every European city circa 1999.

Although Mr. Crazy Times did find viral appeal on TikTok with his distinctly indistinct accent and his endlessly quotable catchphrases (Have some noise!), it wasn't until Gordon released a snippet of 'Planet of the Bass' – a full, original song made under the DJ Crazy Times name – that the bit really blew up.

After weeks of teasing, the full video is finally here, and it's a doozy. If you grew up in the 90s, you'll find it instantly familiar – it really does check all of the boxes for music videos of that era, from an out-of-place demand for world peace to weird religious iconography to a baffling spoken-word section.

It's also weirdly infectious, with its uptempo beat and not-quite-right lyrics. You're right, DJ Crazy Times – Life never die.