Cybertruck's "guillotine effect" may amputate fingers (video)

This video demonstrates a hidden Cybertruck feature: the thin steel panels of a slammed door are used to chop carrots and hotdogs. The Tesla might also chop someone's fingers. Reviewers have named this "the guillotine effect."

Feature or bug? We know the Musk-logical approach is to declare everything as intentional, even when it's dangerous and stupid. After years of development, the Cybertruck is finally starting to trickle out of the factory. We're learning it has more problems than the average poorly painted, ill-fitting body paneled Tesla. We've all known someone, or done it ourselves, who has slammed a hand, finger, or leg in a door or drawer. Car or not, these things happen, and designing a door like this seems problematic. Maybe giant rubber bumpers along the door edge?

'I'm just going to shut the door like a normal person shuts the door. Nothing too hard,' one reviewer said just before gently showing the Cybertruck's driver's side door chop the ends off two large, hearty carrots.

'You might want to watch your fingers around the Cybertruck,' as TikTok user @molesrcool put it. 'You could end up losing them.'  

The tests, conducted by the team at Out of Spec reviews, showed that many electric vehicles can be risky for people's appendages, and their food products, when caught between the closing tailgate and the body of the vehicle.