Tesla engineer pleads: Stop shooting your Cybertrucks!

Elon Musk has been getting roughed up lately, most recently by Don Lemon, who had the temerity to ask him direct questions about apparently racist statements. But if Elon was "upset" by the consequences of his own words, his beloved Cybertruck is getting the brunt of Musk's big mouth.

According to Jalponik, Musk's claim that the Cybertruck is "literally bulletproof" has unleashed a torrent of abuse from a surprising source — Cybertruck owners. Wes Morrill, a Tesla engineer, posted on the Site-Formerly-Known-As-Twitter asking owners to quit assaulting the vehicle.

Cybertruck has lived a tortured life for entertainment – Jumped on, kicked, burned, beaten, and shot (multiple times). To quote the black knight, it's just a flesh wound, I'm invincible!

Now we've confirmed is tough, maybe Cybertruck can roam freely on and off-road in peace?

Jalopnik credits Business Insider for detailing weapons of choice that include steel balls, sledge hammers and a variety of firearms. Considering the cars can cost over $100,000, aggressive owners might want to consider an alternative outlet. Perhaps an Elon Musk pinata?

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