Elon Musk's unpleasant persona hurts Tesla brand: survey says

Tesla is slashing prices to bolster sales, but a survey by Caliber is reveals the brand's reputation is sinking faster than the imaginary rescue submarine Elon Musk failed to build to save the kids trapped in the Thailand cave. The survey showed that Tesla's "consideration score" plummeted to a 31% in February, a drastic dip from its zenith of 70% in November 2021.

Caliber CEO Shahar Silbershatz told Reuters that Elon Musk's unpleasant persona is a significant factor denting Tesla's reputation. "It's very likely that Musk himself is contributing to the reputational downfall," Silbershatz said. The survey reveals that 83% of Americans equate Tesla with Musk, and most Americans don't care for the smarmy "pedo guy."

Musk's edgelord infatuation with right-wing politics has not just ruined his former public image as a real life Tony Stark but have actively pushed potential buyers towards competitors. In a market increasingly crowded with electric vehicle (EV) options, Tesla's monopoly on eco-conscious consumer affection is showing cracks.

The Reuters report says Tesla's troubles go beyond its faux founder. Rising competition, economic apprehensions, and a glaring absence of affordable models are squeezing Tesla from all sides. Despite the EV market's overall growth, Tesla's share is stagnating. Only Catturd2 can save Musk now.