Vet-turned-congressman claims expertise in women's health care from animal ultrasounds

MAGA Rep. Joel Kitchens (R – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin) told the Wisconsin Congress that he is an expert on women's health care for an unusual reason: "I did thousands of ultrasounds on animals." His conclusion: "Abortion is not healthcare."

"The question is whether abortion is healthcare," he said. "And if you believe that a fetus is a human life, then abortion is not healthcare. You know, in my veterinary career, I did thousands of ultrasounds on animals, determining pregnancy and that kind of thing. So I think I know mammalian fetal development better than probably anyone here."

You know, I've had pet cats for decades. I've opened countless cans of cat food, and I think I know a thing or two about what cats like to eat. The question is whether cat food is important for human nutrition, and the answer to that is yes.