What's the strangest Mac that Apple ever sold?

At Ars Technica, Benj Edwards takes us on a tour of the strangest Macs that Apple ever made, from rebadged Lisas to the executive desk-toy like Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. My favorite, through, is the disgusting JLPGA PowerBook 170 (pictured above), said to be the rarest production Macintosh.

Thankfully for Japanese fans of colorful Macs with deep pockets, Apple produced a limited edition of 500 PowerBook 170s with an array of bright colors to commemorate the 1992 Japanese Ladies Professional Golf Association (JLPGA) tournament in Japan. The JLPGA PowerBook 170 includes a mostly blue body with a red battery door, a yellow hinge, and green adjustable feet. Otherwise, it seems identical to a typical PowerBook 170. Due to its limited production run, the JLPGA PowerBook 170 is one of the rarest Macs on this list, and it regularly sells among collectors for several thousand dollars. Oddly, if you bought one of these today, considering its extreme original retail price, you'd still be getting a bargain.

My favorite Apple is the IIc, which I forget wasn't even a Mac. Pure aesthetics!

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