Ben Shapiro is a rapper now. Yes, really.

Ben Shapiro, who you may remember from railing against free school lunches and sucking up to antisemites, has lent his voice to far-right rapper Tom MacDonald's latest single "Facts", rather unsubtly named after Shapiro's catchphrase. On his verse, an autotune-drenched Shapiro calls his detractors "woke Karens" and professes that there are only two genders in a song seemingly designed to cause outrage.

Because, of course, it was. Right-wing "art", especially as far to the right as this, has nothing but outrage to rely on. It's a bad song, of course, that goes without saying, but the song isn't nearly as important as the cultural context surrounding it. Shapiro would fart into a microphone if he thought it would somehow own the libs.

Shapiro has famously said that rap music isn't music, and I would have to agree with him where this song is concerned. I think I preferred when he was singing WAP.