If you need a super fast charge, this wall charger delivers and then some

TL:DR; Don't let a slow working charger get in the way of things — this Omnia X6i PD Quick Charge 66W Compact Wall Charger can gas up three devices at once at super-fast speeds, and it's just $64.99 down from $75! 

Life moves pretty fast, and waiting around for your phone to charge can really throw a wrench into things. Whether you need it to help you navigate your way around a new city or have to answer pressing emails on the go, having a battery gassed up when you need it is a game-changer, and there's a charger that's just the gadget for the job. 

When you need a fast charge, the Omnia X6i PD Quick Charge 66W Compact Wall Charger has you covered. This little pocket-sized gadget may look small, but it packs a powerful punch, backed with gaN technology that delivers a fast, efficient charge to not one, not two, but a whopping three devices at once. Now that's one convenient gadget!

While many fast-charging tools like this one can only gas up certain devices, this particular wall charger is incredibly versatile, compatible with iPhones, Androids, and even Macbooks. In fact, it's so versatile, that it even boasts handy international plugs that work in over 150 different countries, like the US, UK, and EU. Even if you're charging multiple devices at once, this charger's speeds aren't compromised, giving you juiced-up gadgets without leaving you waiting.

Okay, so this charger works fast, but how fast are we talking? In just half an hour, a device can go from 0% battery to 50% charged, proving to be a total lifesaver when you need your phone gassed up, fast. And since the wall charger is small, you can easily pop it into your bag, pocket, or wherever, ready to whip out at a moment's notice.

Experience the life-changing speed of the Omnia X6i PD Quick Charge 66W Compact Wall Charger!

The Omnia X6i PD Quick Charge 66W Compact Wall Charger in black is just $64.99, 13% off its regular price.

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