SeaWorld offers delicious syringe of hot cheese

Diners at environmentally conscious SeaWorld Orlando are treated to plastic syringes full of hot cheese. Imagine the possibilities!

A Redditor has once again surfaced a what the hell of Americana. Sea World Orlando offers a seasonal bison burger with cheese on the side. The cheese is in a syringe to enable easy squeezy cheesiness. Most of these syringes will end up in the trash, many with the cheese still congealing inside, perhaps for eternity.

$15 "cheese" burgers at SeaWorld Orlando
byu/Emmerson_Brando inAnticonsumption

Most people in the comments on the burger photo weren't too eager to try it.

"Hi. Yes I'd like a medical syringe of American cheese in liquid form. I find this appetizing to insert into my burger," one person said sarcastically.

"Please tell me this is fake? The question mark indicates how horrified I [am] at the prospects of this being real," another added.

Someone else had no idea what to make of the strange food item, writing: "What in the Jesus H. Ronald McDonald-Reagan rootin tootin deep fried American h*** is that? We've reached a new low somehow."