Just watching this "Top Spin Suspended" theme park ride makes me dizzy

Would you go on this theme park ride, the "Talocan"? The "Top Spin Suspended" ride was created by Huss, which describes it this way:

38 riders sit back-to-back on our floorless suspended gondola with nothing at their feet but the open air on this compact, easy-to-install HUSS® Original. It's never the same ride twice on this extreme thrill ride, with multiple ride pattern combinations including pendulum swings, exciting rotations in any position, sudden, unexpected turns, and dizzying spins.

It looks really fun to me, and I would totally ride it—but then, I absolutely love roller coasters and other thrill rides

The ride is part of a German theme park called Phantasialand, located 20 minutes from the Cologne/Bonn airport. The Phantasialand website describes the Ancient Mesoamerican-themed Talocan ride:

Mighty fountains of fire, rumbling thunder and water shooting up meters high: Aztec god Tlaloc loves to play with the elements – and with his challengers! Face the divine forces and let yourself whirl headfirst through mythical Mexico. A real adventure for the very daring – and their audience!

To see more of Phantasialand and check out its other attractions, check out its website or TikTok.