Protect your privacy online for good with this data removal service, now $116 off

TL;DR: Anyone on the internet knows it can be an unsafe place. If you want to keep your data safe, you should consider a subscription to Incogni. Get a one-year subscription now for just $49.97 through February 4 until 11:59pm PT. 

It can be hard to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift. For some people, safety is the ultimate present — and that doesn't have to just be physical comfort. With a subscription to this online safety subscription, you can help protect your loved one online.

Incogni keeps people's data safe as they surf online, removing any information they need from the internet. While a one-year subscription usually costs $155, you can now get it for just $49.97, no coupons needed. You won't find a better sale online — and it won't last. This price drop is available until 4 February until 11:59pm PT. 

There's a reason Incongi says BestReviews allows "customers to rest assured that their personal data is being taken care of even while sleeping." This unique subscription-based service allows you to delete your data from companies on the internet — in fact, it allows you to erase your information from over 180-plus data collectors. This doesn't just help you maintain your privacy, it also keeps your apps running quickly and doesn't influence your browsing results.

Plus, Incogni doesn't just protect you from data phishing, needless cookies, or scams. It also helps fend off these kind of cyver attacks in the future, which keeps you safer online all the time.

So, if you want to have better peace of mind while you surf online, get a one-year subscription to Incogni Personal Information Removal Service for just $49.97 now. But make sure to hurry — this unique way to protect your information and secure your privacy online only lasts through February 4.

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