GOP Congressperson reported for disrespectfully using the Capitol dome as a playground

Rep. Rich McCormick's staffers have reportedly filmed the Congressperson doing pull-ups off the railings suspended high above the ground in the Capitol dome.

A Republican Congressperson, not Marjorie Taylor Green, is in the news for making a total jackass of himself. Rep. Rich McCormick's actions have found him reported to the House Sergeant-at-Arms. Still, Speaker Mike Johnson will probably not hold him accountable for disrespecting this symbol of our Democracy by using it as a piece of exercise equipment. While McCormick may feel he demonstrated some sort of strength or ability, he sounds like a real jerk.

McCormick went beyond a sign reading "no person permitted above this platform under any circumstances," the email said.

The lawmaker was seen suspended over 200 feet in the air after going over a railing on the "Tholos level" of the Capitol dome. McCormick's staff allegedly recorded him as he did pull-ups.

"There was a miscommunication and we have apologized," McCormick spokesperson Julie Singleton insisted in a statement to Politico.