MRI scans of people talking

Want to see MRI scans of people talking? Above you can watch one of someone yabbering away. And here's one of someone talking in German. No wonder I often feel exhausted after conversation – so many things are going on in there! After watching this video, it all makes much more sense. I'd love to see an MRI scan of a person shouting or singing. 

I'm both fascinated and slightly creeped out by this video. I'm not a big fan of the way that the tongue looks like a dancing gelatinous blob with a mind of its own. I think it's time I go and take a silent retreat now. 

From Maythesciencebewithyou on Instagram:

"This is a real-time MRI scan of a person speaking (German). [ 📹 Jens Frahm / MPIbpc ]" 

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