Musician creates oddly heartfelt songs out of bizarre topics

Any creative pursuit can be genuinely heartfelt if you approach it sincerely, no matter how ridiculous the end product is. (This is why Tommy Wiseau's The Room is one of my favorite films of all time.) This seems to be the thesis statement of musical YouTuber Hot Dad, who turns strange and alien situations into something emotional and relatable. He describes himself as an "emotional comedy musician" – if you know him, it's probably for his massively popular "I Really, Really, Really Like This Image", about an awkward Facebook exchange.

Far from being a one-trick pony, however, he's also pinned heartfelt songs about chicken tenders, the ennui of an aging father, and Internet etiquette—all of it delivered with an endearing, straight-faced earnestness.

In an increasingly corporatized, commercialized Internet, it's refreshing to see holdouts of creativity like this persisting through it all. Keep on rocking, Hot Dad.

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