This AI-powered webcam helps you always avoid bad lighting — and it's on sale now

TL;DR: If you want an effective webcam that captures clear, vivid imagery, you'll need the OBSBOT Meet 4K AI-Powered 4K Webcam. Right now, it's on sale for just $199 (reg. $259).

Anyone who's done a remote meeting knows the quality of the webcam can enhance the experience — or completely derail it. If you have to speak or present, you need a webcam that transmits clear audio, provides clear video, and even shows you in a flattering light. That's the quality you get with this professional, AI-powered webcam.

Right now, you can get the OBSBOT Meet 4K AI-Powered 4K Webcam for only $199 to help you record quality digital footage, no coupons needed. Plus, if you want to get the COMBO version of this webcam — aka, the video recorder along with a remote control and a data power cable — you can upgrade to that for just $259.

Here's why the OBSBOT Meet 4K Webcam stands out from other similar tools. It offers incredible crisp, clear visuals, as it streams Ultra HD 4K video at up to 30 fps. If you need a quicker experience, though, you can stream 1080p video at up to 60 fps. But it's not just the HD of it all that makes for such video imagery.

The OBSBOT Meet 4K Webcam is also powered by AI. The AI Auto-framing feature keeps track of your movements, subtly adjusting to keep you properly in frame and appearing in the video from the right angles. Plus, if you have multiple people in the frame, it'll automatically expand to include them, or shrink once they leave the camera's sight. You don't have to press a single button to create the perfect video stream; the AI does it all for you!

Other things we love about the OBSBOT Meet 4K Webcam: It has dual omnidirectional mics to get the best audio possible, the digital zoom can enhance up to four times, and there's even an HDR effect to save you from even the harshest or dimmest lighting. Plus, you can choose from AI virtual backgrounds or even do selective blurring to protect your privacy when you stream with other people.

And while the webcam is great on its own, it's worth considering getting the combo option. The remote control works up to 10 meters away, giving you more flexibility to film footage. It also comes with a USB-A to USB-C data power cable, so you can easily transmit data and keep it protected at the same time.

Clearly, whether you want to film videos or host video presentations, you'll want this high-quality webcam. Get the OBSBOT Meet 4K AI-Powered 4K Webcam for $199, or upgrade to get the OBSBOT Meet 4K AI-Powered 4K Webcam (Combo) for just $259 now.

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