Keep the yourself and the whole fam productive with Microsoft 365, now starting at $45!

TL;DR: Enjoy all that Microsoft 365 has to offer, including productivity tools, security features, and much more, with a 1-year MS 365 personal subscription for just $44.99 or a 1-year MS 365 family subscription for just $74.99! 

Whether you're a small business owner who relies on different tools to stay on track or have a family that needs bits and bobs of different productivity platforms, you can hugely benefit from Microsoft 365. It's the ultimate productivity hub, not to mention a major security provider, cloud storage platform, and so much more!

Now, for a limited time, you and your family can score one year of Microsoft 365 for less. Individual users can grab a 1-year subscription for only $44.99 (reg. $69), and families with up to six members can enjoy a 1-year subscription for only $74.99 (reg. $99)!

No matter if you're a girl boss, student, or parent who needs to stay on top of PTO newsletters (we hate those, too!), Microsoft 365 has almost everything a user could want. First up is Microsoft Office's productivity apps, which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and OneNote. Type out your English 101 essay, create a streamlined home budget, and collaborate like a boss!

Aspiring to be the next Casey Neistat? Check out Clipchamp, which is included for easy video editing and creation. There's also Outlook, perfect for keeping emails streamlined, organizing your and your family's hectic schedule, and storing important email contacts away. Plus, you can enjoy cloud storage with Microsoft 365. Individual plan users will get 1TB, while family plan users will get 6TB (1TB per user)!

Also, MS 365 has Microsoft Defender, which will actively work in the background to protect your device(s) against malware and other digital threats through constant monitoring. And you don't need to worry about your subscription falling off the radar — Microsoft 365 is always dishing out new and updated features and apps, giving users access to the latest and greatest as soon as they're available. 

For a limited time, you can streamline your productivity and grab:

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