All Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying is give Putin a chance

MAGA lapdog and Georgia Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene wants people to hear what Putin has to say. "It doesn't mean we have to believe everything he says, but we should be able to hear from him," demands Greene.

Shock Jock of Congress, known for inserting revenge porn into the record, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is offering his praise to Russia stooge Tucker Carlson and encouraging people to listen to Vladimir Putin. Greene wants US Citizens to hear Putin's side of the war in Ukraine.

"But what's happening with that war and the numbers that you're speaking of is a true, unbelievable tragedy on a massive proportion," Greene told right-wing podcast host Steve Bannon on Thursday. "And to think that our tax dollars were spent on basically just grinding down an entire generation of Ukrainian men, no wonder they don't want to serve."

Greene insisted that "America deserves answers" about the war.

"And I have to praise Tucker Carlson for going to Russia and being willing to interview Vladimir Putin just to get the truth out, just to get the story out, and let the American people decide for themselves," she said.

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