It's a bird! No, it's a drone, and it's on sale for under $90!

TL;DR: Ever wanted to own and fly your very own drone? Well, now you can with this beginner-friendly Epic Flight™ S89 drone, which comes with long-range abilities, 360° stunt roll, and more for only $89.99 (reg. $249)!

Drones are the latest and greatest way to capture dynamic aerial shots, simulate complex Hollywood-style cinematography, pretend you're in a Terminator movie, and freak out conspiracy theorists. Plus, they just look darn cool and futuristic!

That said, now is the time to get in on all the action and join the 21st century with your very own sky robot. Meet the Epic Flight™ S89 HD drone, which shoots in 4K and boasts plenty of user-friendly controls. It's now on sale for under $90!

The Epic Flight™ features hundreds of sensors for easy, breezy control, meaning even the most tech-illiterate users can fly the skies. Plus, other beginner-friendly features are included with this drone, like one-click landing and one-click automatic return, headless mode, smart hover, and a remote control for seamless navigation.

Your drone can also fly, dive, hover, spy, or bust out sick 360-degree stunt rolls like the planes in Top Gun. Air performance has never been easier! In addition, this drone's 4K capabilities allow you to capture dynamic aerial shots and gorgeous videos. There's even gesture photo control for even more effortless photography, which is accessible via the app!

In case you're taking the Epic Flight™ on a long journey (aka your backyard!), don't worry — it's got an ultra-long battery life. It's got an easy-to-install large-capacity battery (1,800mAh) that only takes 45 minutes to charge to 100%.

When you're not busy soaring the skies with your drone, put it safely to rest with the included storage bag, and don't forget to put on its blade protectors. Had a little too much fun with your drone? This bad boy comes with four spare blades in case your adventures go off the rails!

Own the skies with this beginner-friendly drone.

Grab the Epic Flight™ S89 4K HD Drone for just $89.99 for a limited time!

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