Human mob defeats single AI in the battle to retake San Francisco's streets

Angry humans surrounded and executed a self-driving taxi in San Francisco's Chinatown. Winning a single battle is not winning a war.

Reporters seem confused by what is unmistakably humanity rising against the coming AI takeover. San Francisco has seen many changes over time, but it seems Skynet will not be unopposed. Resorting to the age-old technique that has proven so successful for humanity in the past, the angry mob surrounded the cab and beat the shit out of it. Science Fiction predicts the tables will turn.

A driverless taxi was set ablaze by an unruly crowd amid Lunar New Year celebrations on the streets of San Francisco Saturday night.

Vandals in the city's Chinatown neighborhood surrounded the Waymo robotaxi before breaking the window and throwing fireworks inside, according to The San Francisco Standard.

It was unclear what prompted the lawless destruction of the autonomous vehicle, which was not carrying any passengers, according to the report.

NY Post

Perhaps this was vengeance.