Upgrade your scent profile from understated to unapologetic with Smells Like WD-40, only $48

TL;DR: Be bold and a little cheeky when you spray on the Smells Like WD-40 Cologne or the Smells Like Fabuloso Perfume, perfect gifts for a loved one, and both only $48.

Tired of boring perfumes and colognes that smell like flowers or wood? You're not alone. Please meet Smells Like WD-40 Cologne. It's bold. It's unconventional. It's not afraid to be different.

Crafted by the avant-garde minds at the New York art collective, Smells Like WD-40 dares to encapsulate the gritty essence of innovation with a scent that's unmistakably WD-40. Yes, that is correct. It's the aroma of determination and elbow grease, all bottled up in a sleek, tall vessel that mirrors the iconic spray lubricant's own aesthetic.

Forget subtle and understated (yawn) — Smells Like WD-40 is unapologetic and fierce. It's the kind of fragrance that doesn't just enter a room; it kicks down the door. Designed for those who aren't afraid to raise some eyebrows, this perfume is the ultimate conversation starter. It also makes a great gift for the person who absolutely loves to stand out — a gift that declares, "I'm here and I smell like victory." What could be better?

Compact and impeccably designed, Eau de Industrie's fragrances are for those who appreciate the beauty in the unconventional, the art lovers, and the crafters of the world.

Embrace the essence of hard work with MSCHF's Smells Like WD-40 Cologne and Smells Like Fabuloso Perfume (you guessed it, it smells like the famous household cleaner), both excellent gifts and only $48.

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