Kevin McCarthy suggests Matt Gaetz — investigated for sex trafficking — "lies about who he sleeps with" (video)

Ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy spoke at his first press conference since quitting Congress in December, and he used the platform to insinuate that Matt Gaetz (R–FL) lies about his sex life. (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

Yes, the same Matt Gaetz who denied accusations of sex trafficking and having sex with a minor, and who is now being investigated by the House Ethics Committee (after an investigation by the Justice Department that lasted nearly three years).

When asked if Donald Trump was supportive of Gaetz's "decision to throw you out," the surly out-of-work Republican first suggested that Gaetz lied about how close he was to Trump, before saying, "He probably lies about who he sleeps with, too."

This comes three months after the embittered McCarthy told reporters the Republican party would benefit "tremendously" if Matt Gaetz was no longer in the House.