MAGA congressman humiliated when his angry Biden meme backfires

Rep. Chuck Edwards (R–NC) either has a memory problem or he's just another MAGA moron who can't even get his memes right. Either way, he's now the laughing stock on X after posting a photo of a migrant caravan from the Trump administration slapped with a sticker of President Biden saying, "I did that!" (See post below, reposted by Meidas Touch.)

The photo, which shows hundreds if not thousands of migrants in Mexico headed for the U.S., was shot in 2018 and credited to the Associated Press. It was then used in an AP story warning "that Donald Trump's policies of cutting aid to Central America would likely cause a spike in migration to the United States," according to Meidas Touch News. But the befuddled Edwards, who is running for reelection this year, was too busy trolling, as Trump devotees are wont to do, to care about the facts.

Fortunately, commenters, who came out in droves, set the crooked congressman straight. "Isn't the truth enough for you Chuck? Fear-mongering, lies, and hate – that is ALL Republicans know anymore. Disgraceful," said one. "This was taken when Donald Trump was president. That's embarrassing for you," said another, along with a cringing emoji.

And while some commenters opted for sarcasm, with responses like, "He's a time traveler, going back to 2018. Is there anything Dark Brandon can't do?," most just got right to the point. "Moron. Fucking moron."