Moving Target: collapsing West Virginia hillside takes big box store with it

Drone footage of the moving Target posted to YouTube by flying snake.

A road in Barboursville, West Virginia's Merritt Creek Shopping Center is collapsing and taking a nearby Target store with it. The subsidence has been long-expected, reports WOWK TV, but it came suddenly and at speed, forcing shoppers to evacuate.

A West Virginia American Water representative said, "Our crews assessed that the hill slip occurred following continual settling in the shopping center area behind Target." Three homes behind the Target have been given a voluntary evacuation notice.

WSAM reports that matters worsened today. It appears the front fell off.

Erin Davis works at one of the businesses in the same strip as Target. "It looks insane," she said. Davis says she can't help but wonder how much worse it's going to get. She says her heart goes out to the Target employees. "I do have faith we're going to be afloat," she said. "I'm just not sure about Target."

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