This building's curious elevator gives the boss a corner office on every floor (video)

Baťa Skyscraper, in Zlín, Czech Republic, is a 16-floor building opened in 1938. An example of functionalist architecture, the shoe company's headquarters is actually a hub of unusual elevator curiosities. Not only does it have several small lifts that are constantly going up and down, so you have to be careful stepping on and off, but the company president Jan Antonín Baťa had his office built inside a huge elevator. The result is that he had a corner office on every floor! See a demo below.

According to Wikipedia, the 6 x 6 meter office is 6 x 6 meters, "equipped with a separate alarm device (including automatic fire alarm and door opening), a telephone and a washbasin… The office elevator moved at 0.75 m / s. It was completed during World War II after J. A. Baťa relocated abroad so he did not have a chance to use it."

image: Pecold/Shutterstock

(via DIGG)