42% of believers in conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is a covert Biden op found out about it from the pollster asking them

Monmouth University reports that just under half the American public has, quote, "heard something about [Taylor] Swift being part of a supposed covert government efford to help Biden win" the next election. As its all-caps press release blares, "NEARLY 1 IN 5 BELIEVE TAYLOR SWIFT
" (PDF)

On a less sinister note, two-thirds (68%) of the American public approves of Swift encouraging
her fans to vote in the upcoming election. However, Republicans (42%) are much less supportive than
Democrats (88%) and independents (71%) of these turnout efforts.
Overall, 39% of American adults have a favorable impression of Swift. Only 13% hold an
unfavorable view of her, while 43% have no opinion and just 5% have not heard of the singer at all.

Note, however, that….

42% of those who say the conspiracy exists also say they had not heard about it before being contacted by Monmouth).

A lot of opinion polls exist only to give us stuff to write about. Next time you read a story about a poll, remember that 42%, their smooth brains briefly invaginated by the questions.