Why does the GOP keep losing? Because polls are broken and Trump is "electoral poison" (video)

Over the last six years, polls have favored Republicans, but in election after election — 2018, 2020, 2022 — the "red waves" crashed as Democrats came out on top. And Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen explains why: "Trump is electoral poison."

Paired with MAGA's "electoral loser," says Galen, is the fact that poll-taking methods are broken. "There's a bad methodological piece going on here," he told MSNBC, explaining that nobody wants to pick up a cell phone or landline and talk to a stranger about politics for half an hour at dinnertime.

"Look at the fall of 2022, where garbage poll after garbage poll was being thrown out by every possible right-wing organization, and what happens? OK, Republicans take the House — which they might not have for much longer — and everything else was wrong," he continued. "Trump is an electoral loser. He's electoral poison."

And what's more, "His base is smaller, whiter, more extreme now than it was ever. … Every election he's gone into so far this year, he's losing 20, 25, 30 percent of his own base. These are not good numbers."

In summation, Galen says there is a better way to predict election winners than old fashioned surveys: "I'll take the votes over the polls." (See video below posted by Acyn.)

Meanwhile, just yesterday, Democrat Marilyn Lands won a special election in a deep red, long-held Republican Alabama district for a state House seat.