High school cheerleader wearing official uniform at school told to "cover up" by staff

At Pinconning High School in Michigan, Maranah Alburg was wearing her school-issued varsity cheerleader uniform to class—as she was instructed by her coach to do on game days. But while the school believes the short shorts are apparently just the thing to get the crowd riled up at the games, Alburg was apparently told to "cover up" during the school day. Video below.

"I called the school office, and I was told that they are to wear pants under their uniforms at all times" her mother Amanda Alburg said. "[Not wearing pants] is a distraction to the boys."

From WBRC:

Superintendent Andy Kowalczyk declined an on-camera interview, but he provided the following statement:

"Athletic uniforms may not meet school dress code requirements. This is the case for the length of the cheerleading skirts. PHS would not allow students from any sports team to wear uniforms to school that do not meet those requirements."

Kowalczyk also said in an email that there was never a mention of the uniforms being a "distraction to male students."

But Alburg said she was told differently.

"I know who I talked to at the school had told me it was a distraction to boys. That is what I was told personally," Alburg said.

Alburg and other parents attended a school board meeting following the incident to complain about the school dress code including the fact that young women are forbidden from wearing sports bras to practice but that the young men can play with their shirts off.