Parents sue high school after teacher has students swordfight in class (video)

Parents are suing the Albuquerque Public Schools after a high school teacher apparently brought swords into the classroom and encouraged the students to fight one another.

The incident occurred in 2022 Volcano Vista High School and one of the students, 16 at the time, recorded the video above. A few moments later, someone sliced her wrist with a sword.

"I've talked to her surgeon, and he described the way that as he was doing the surgery inside, he could actually feel where the sword had made a mark in the bone," the girl's attorney Jessica Hernandez says. "She may not ever regain full motion or strength in her right hand, and she is right-handed."

From KOAT:

The civil lawsuit states that the teacher set a 2-minute timer for each sword fight.

And claims that once the student was injured, the teacher said, "I'm in trouble," and ordered her students to delete any videos of the incident.

"911 was not called for about half an hour after this happened, which is shocking that this little girl is bleeding in a classroom and paramedics are not called for 30 minutes. So those are also procedures that APS needs to address to make sure that first, this doesn't happen. But if a student is injured, what are you going to do about it immediately to make sure they get the care that they need," Hernandez said.

The teacher no longer works in the school district.