GOP strategist says it's obvious why the party keeps losing: A "rapist" runs the show

If any Republican still wonders why the party is rolling off a cliff in a flaming dumpster, maybe this GOP strategist's scorchng Xitter post will knock some sense into them.

After this week's Republican loss in New York to replace George Santos, Stuart Stevens — a Lincoln Project advisor who worked on Mitt Romney's campaign in 2012 — reminds the GOP what brought their party to ruin: Donald Trump, who he refers to as a "rapist."

Stevens' post begins by pointing out the obvious: "Republicans who are asking why they keep losing elections are like the guy who walks into the ER with a nail in his head, asking why he has a headache.

He then gets right to the point in one long, caustic sentence: "A party led by a rapist that believes it can fix its problem with women by attacking Taylor Swift, with weird little creeps like Mike Johnson as a public face in Congress, that has no serious policy, that has decided to abandon decades of support for freedom in Europe to back a genocidal dictator, a party that is 85% white in a 59% white country, a party that has decided higher education is a gateway drug to Socialism, that believes public health policy should be set by random freaks on the internet and not doctors, a party that is still fighting cultural wars of gender politics the rest of America ended a decade ago, a party that has replaced American optimism with anger and fear of the future…."

And in summation: "Is there really any question why this party is losing?" (See his post below.)