Remember Disneyland's American Idol theme park?

The early 2000s were, apparently, a Wild West for theme park developers. Disney, Universal and dozens of smaller, less monolithic companies were throwing money and manpower at any concept that could conceivably have a ride made out of it. Green Lantern rollercoaster that broke people's bones? Go for it. Garfield tunnel of love? Funded.

One of the most bizarre money sinks Disney has ever invested in by far, however, was the American Idol Experience. If you never got to perform in what is essentially a giant, expensive karaoke bar that asks for your entire day of Disneyland time, famed theme park historian Defunctland has put together a comprehensive documentary-style video dissecting its rise and fall.

Ultimately, the experience had to be shuttered for its ludicrous overheads, high staff demands, and American Idol falling out of the cultural zeitgeist. Maybe it'd still be around if they'd just gotten Simon Cowell in the booth for more than five minutes.