MAGA man gets very confused when challenged about his slavery claims (video)

Adam Mockler interviewed a MAGA supporter at a rally who claimed that the Democratic Party historically supported slavery and the Confederate flag. (Video below and here.)

Mockler pointed out that it's Republicans, not Democrats, who today align more with Confederate symbols. The MAGA supporter disagreed, insisting that it was the Democrats, not Trump supporters, who display Confederate flags to this very day.

When Mockler asked the MAGA gentleman which party was trying to take down Confederate statues, the MAGA man froze in befuddlement. A woman standing next to him helped him out by saying it was "domestic terrorists."

"You're saying that Democrats are pro-Confederate, but weren't Democrats trying to remove Confederate statues?" asked Mockler.

You can almost see the MAGA man's brain short-circuiting. "Why are they doing that?" he asked.

"Because they're anti-Confederate," Mockler said.

"No, they're not," said the MAGA man.

"Why are they trying to remove the statues then?" asked Mockler.

"Because they're trying to change the history of our country," said the MAGA man.

In other words, Confederate-loving Democrats who proudly fly the Confederate flag are removing Confederate statues because they want to rewrite history. MAGA logic at its finest!

The discussion shifted to Mr. MAGA's personal experience of being terminated from his job due to his refusal, based on religious beliefs, to use preferred pronouns for transgender colleagues.

"I worked for a company for 26 years, and back in March, I just got terminated from that company," said the MAGA man.

"Oh wow, I'm sorry," said Mockler.

"All right, you want to know what I got terminated for?" said the MAGA man.

"Not being vaccinated?" guessed Mockler.

"No, for my religious beliefs," said the MAGA man. "Because they were trying to force me to refer to transgenders, whom I got along with, all of them. We had a great relationship, you know? We had gay people working there and transgender people working there, and I got along perfectly with all those people. But there were two other managers that didn't like the fact that I told them, you know, I use the person's name. I don't refer to a he as a she or a she as a he, because it violates my religious practices and beliefs in God. He created them male and female. And because of that, they retaliated against me and… I ended up getting terminated."

In the comments to the YouTube video, Mockler said, "My clip with this dude went viral on TikTok about 2-3 months back and his old manager actually messaged me, asking me if I could show him the rest of the interview… so there is ABSOLUTELY more to the story. The manager said he couldn't provide any more information though."