Treat yourself to a beautifully refurbished MacBook Air this Presidents' Day and save big

TL:DR; 13-inch Apple MacBook Air may actually be within your budget than you think! This grade "B" refurbished 2015 model is just $388.99 this Presidents' Day! 

Whether it's writing an important report for your boss or bingeing your favorite murder drama in bed, there are lots of reasons to want a new MacBook. But with the pricetags they're boasting these days, that's hardly your reality. So maybe the refurbished route can still get you what you want without hurting your bank account.

This Presidents' Day, you can get your hands on a beautifully refurbished 2015 13-inch Apple MacBook Air for the discounted price of just $388.99, just over 25% off its regular price. And before you shake your head at the idea of buying refurbished, you should know that aside from a couple minor scratches or scuffs on the device's exterior, this MacBook has been put through a slew of rigorous tests, deeming it in stellar grade "B" condition. In other words, it works great! 

Just as you would expect from an Apple device. this 13-inch MacBook Air boasts a ton of impressive features.  For one, the laptop is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor that ensures every program runs smoothly as you hop from task to task. And thanks to its Intel HD Graphics 6000, you can view images and watch videos as smoothly as ever. And, of course, the MacBook features Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity for utmost convenience.

Additionally, the MacBook Air can hold a charge for up to 12 hours, giving it ultimate portability. Whether you take it with you on a long flight or simply want to check up on your emails really quick, the MacBook Air's portability and ease-of-use makes it one of the best and convenient around.

Get all that the 2015 13-inch Apple MacBook Air has to offer with this grade "B" refurbished model this Presidents' Day!

The grade "B" refurbished 13-inch Apple MacBook Air is just $388.99 down from $529 this Presidents' Day!

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