Two teens charged in Kansas City Super Bowl mass shooting that started with an argument

Two teenagers have been charged in connection with Wednesday's Missouri shooting that killed one person and injured 22 others. The woman who died was 43-year-old Elizabeth Galvan, aka Lisa Lopez Galvan, a mother and radio host. More than half of the injured victims were children.

The shooting occurred during the Chief's Super Bowl parade in Kansas City where, according to The New York Times, tens of thousands of fans had gathered. And according to witnesses, the gunfire began when at least four people began to argue with one another, leading to two men "firing wildly at each other."

The teenagers are being held at a juvenile detention center.

From The New York Times:

The juveniles could eventually be tried as adults, a judicial process that takes days or weeks. The police had initially detained a third young person, but they later determined that the person was not involved in the shooting and released them without charges. …

The Kings [a married couple] said they saw a woman and a man exchange harsh words with two other men, at least one of whom may have been a teenager. Soon, they said, guns were drawn, and two of the young men began firing at each other.

"They were running away from each other," Mr. King said. "But they were still firing weapons behind their backs, just not really aiming."

Some people ran or ducked for cover. A wave of fans, many wearing team jerseys, sprinted along barricaded streets that had been the scene of revelry moments before.

One video captured two men tackling a man and holding him down until police arrived. One of the men, Paul Contreras, said he saw a gun fall to the ground as he took the man down.

It's too bad Kansas City, which has one of the highest rates of homicide in the country, is represented by trigger happy Congressman Mark Alford, who ridiculously fired a gun in his last campaign ad and fights commonsense gun control laws every chance he gets.