Man builds a fairytale-esque cottage for garden mice (video)

A wildlife photographer named Simon Dell built this incredible cottage for the mice in his garden. He made it from old props, fruit, and vegetables, and the mouse family seems so happy there. I love the little details, such as the teapot made from an acorn and the tiny picnic bench for the mice to sit at. The scene looks like something from a fairy tale. Can I please live here too?

From YouTube:

George the mouse in a log pile house. What would you do if you found a family of mice roaming around your garden? I'm sure a lot of people would reach out for a bit of cheese and a mousetrap or let your cats wander around for a bit. However, if you're Simon Dell, you turn the situation into the perfect photo opportunity. Wildlife photographer Simon Dell from Sheffield, United Kingdom, seized the opportunity to capture some beautiful photographs of these tiny little creatures.

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