Explore aerial photography and get two drones for one now for just $149.99

TL;DR: Drones allow you to see the world in an entirely new way. Get in on this unique hobby now and buy the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro — which comes with a free (yes, free!) Blade X Pro — for just $149.99. Considering it usually costs $369, it's an incredible price drop!

There are just so many views we can't see from down here on the ground. Drones, however, let us soar through the air and get a literal birds eye perspective. And while this kind of tech sounds fancy and pricey, there are affordable ways to break into this hobby.

Consider this astonishing deal: When you buy the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro, you also get a Free Blade X Pro. That's two drones for the price of one!  It's a deal you can usually only snag for $369, but right now you can get these two drones for just $149.99, no coupons needed.

Of course, these drones aren't just a must-buy because they're on sale. The Ninja Dragon Drone stands out from other similar tools thanks to its sleek size, powerful battery life, and high-definition camera. Here's what to expect:

  • You can bring it with you anywhere, as it's slim and foldable (toss it in any bag!)
  • The 4K HD Camera delivers astonishingly crisp and vivid photos and videos
  • It has WiFi capabilities, so you can actually check out that imagery in real time
  • This drone can soar up to 12 minutes in the air
  • When you're done using it, you can use the One Key Return button, which brings the drone flying right back to you. It couldn't be simpler to use

These drones are great for people who want to participate in a new kind of aerial hobby, capture unusual photographs, or tackle surveillance-related tasks. Regardless of your motivation, the drones will help you achieve your goal!

So, if you want to see the world in a different way, get the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro (along with a free Blade X Pro) now for just $149.99.

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