Starbucks offers new latte with pork flavoring

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Starbucks is offering a new beverage, the Abundant Year Savory Latte. Available at some China locations, the concoction contains espresso, steamed milk, and Dongpo Braised Pork Flavor Sauce. It's garnished with a cube of pork breast meat on a skewer.

"Eating meat means prosperity in the coming year," the company posted on social media.

From CNN:

…While the foods served at New Year feasts vary by region, braised pork makes a frequent appearance. Named after the ancient poet, painter and statesman Su Dongpo, Dongpo rou is a dish made from braised pork belly, rock sugar, soy sauce, yellow wine and other seasonings.

"For 67 yuan, I could eat a plate of braised pork then go to (competing coffee chain) Luckin and drink two lattes," one Weibo user wrote[…]

Starbucks also released other new flavors across China with a holiday theme in February, according to the Shanghai Reserve Roastery's Weibo account, including a jujube macchiato inspired by new year's rice cakes and an almond tofu macchiato.