Your pet will never be lonely again with this robot toy, now just $31.99

TL;DR: Your dog is entertained even when you're away with the Wicked Ball. This interactive pet toy basically acts as a robot for your pet — and now it's on sale for just $31.99.

If you've worried about your pet while they're at home without you, you're not alone.  However, now you can buy a special toy for your pet, one that will keep them active, engaged, and occupied for hours.

That toy is the Wicked Ball, which is essentially a robot companion for your furry friend. It's a small ball that's automated to roll and bounce all over the place, allowing your dog (or cat, or other beloved pet!) to get their exercise in as they chase after the Wicked Ball. And while a "robot" sounds pricey, the Wicked Ball actually isn't: Right now, it's on sale for just $31.99. No coupons needed!

Here's how the Wicked Ball, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, works. Before you leave your pet behind, turn it on and pick from one of three activity modes (this way, you can avoid fully exhausting your more sedentary animals or boring the hyper ones). You can even place a treat in the snack hole if the promise of food keeps them engaged more than movement. Then, head out the door! The Wicked Ball is rolling and your pet is ready to play.

And don't worry about the Wicked Ball getting exhausted before your dog does. It has a long battery life — eight hours, to be exact. Another perk? It's made of eco-friendly materials, so it's safe for your animal to put in its mouth.

Clearly, the Wicked Ball is a great gift for your pet, allowing them to have fun as they stay mentally and physically stimulated. It's no wonder it's been featured in top outlets like NBC, Digital Journal, and CBS.

So, surprise your beloved canine companion and make their days a little brighter. Get the Wicked Ball now for only $31.99.

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