Joe Biden's dog bit Secret Service agents "at least" 24 times

No one really knows how many times Commander, Joe Biden's large dog, bit Secret Service agents. The official tally is 24. Basically, if Commander was with the President, no-one else could be with the President, if they were Secret Service agents.

Secret Service records show the extent to which the German Shepherd caused chaos for the presidential bodyguards. One senior agent noted the bites meant the Secret Service changed tactics, advising agents to "give lots of room". …

The documents were revealed through Freedom of Information requests and posted online. They are heavily redacted to protect the identity of Secret Service agents and secrecy of their security tactics. They show at least 24 biting incidents took place between October 2022 and July 2023, including members of the Secret Service being bitten on the wrist, forearm, elbow, waist, chest, thigh and shoulder. The documents do not necessarily record all biting incidents related to Commander, as they only cover the Secret Service and not others that work in the White House or staff at Camp David in Maryland.

The term used for how far a Secret Service agent should stay away from Biden's dog was "a terrain feature away," according to the documents. Commander finally had to leave the White House after hospitalizing one agent. Good boy! Amazingly, Commander was the second of Joe Biden's dogs to devour White House personnel.

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